Buenos Aires countless gems as regards its culture

Buenos Aires is one of the greatest cultural cities in the world. And in general we Argentineans, don´t realize about this fact until we travel abroad. To have the possibility of contrasting cultural options is what makes us clearly see that our “porteña” cultural offer is huge.

Maybe La Boca, with its artistic studios and its tradition in the cultural education in a working neighbourhood, is a key to understand how eagerly we connect with our culture, and the enormous offer in Arts, which constantly revolutionizes our city.

In this context, there is a key alternation between private and public spaces. As regards the cinema, theatres or dance shows, any Friday night becomes the best opportunity to choose from a mainstream show at Colón Theatre, Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK), Cervantes/San Martín/Sarmiento/Avenida Theatres, or Paseo La Plaza, to take a look at our cultural agenda, and to consider also the offer of countless “off mainstream” shows which are highly recommended.

The same thing occurs with the visual arts: it is nearly impossible to keep track of the weekly agenda of inaugurations at Museums, Fine Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, University venues and alternative exhibition centers.

“We sometimes even need to leave Buenos Aires city to enjoy some of them. Fifteen days ago, the inauguration an exhibition by of two very relevant artists took place at Casa de la Cultura de Tigre. Max Gomez Canle and Lux Lindner inaugurated simultaneously on a Friday, 30 kilometers away from the City; a must-see display so much so that The Secretary of Culture of Tigre assigned a round trip on a bus leaving from and returning to Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (MALBA) with that destination in mind.”, Matilde, our Arts specialist highlights.

“Together with each current exhibition in the Northern area, on the other end of the city in La Boca neighborhood we can find two very different exhibitions coexisting simultaneously: Alfredo Lazzari´s at Museo Benito Quinquela Martin – a beautiful, historical art display with much research behind, and a very timely one since Lazzari was for a short time the only arts master of Quinquela himself; and the international exhibition “Manifiesto” by Julian Rosefeldt at Fundación PROA, which has Cate Blanchett as its protagonist.” adds Matilde.

All of them, PROA, MALBA, Usina del Arte and sometimes CCK, are public or private institutions, which act as today´s curators of the awareness of contemporary Art for the Argentineans. They often bring costly exhibitions from abroad to generate an accurate notion of what is going on in other contexts as regards the visual arts. In a way, these centers prevent Buenos Aires and its artists from falling off the radar. In parallel, this year the private Museum Fortabat keeps a local varied and robust agenda of individual artists exhibitions.

That is why, in between those Northern and Southern extremes represented in the example of Tigre and La Boca, the rest of the city is protagonist of many other events: There is a Biennial of Art, Sivori Museum is getting ready for a new management, MALBA is working on its next exhibition which reflects its love for the Latin-American Art with “México Moderno, Vanguardia y Revolución”, Federico Klemm Foundation delights us with the display of the 2017 Klemm Prize to Visual Arts and with a parallel display of the great Patricio Larrambebere (an artist committed with politics and the history of the intermediate generation), as well as dozens of galleries offering Art displays from XX and XXI centuries.

For example, on Alvear Avenue, the Rubbers gallery exhibits a selection of pieces by Luis Felipe Noé, while Alvear Collection is hosting a display with pieces in different formats by Raul Soldi (1905, 1994), the celebrated artist of the Colon Theatre dome. In parallel, CCK is organizing and carrying out step by step, a much expected curatorship of International Art realized by one of the most influential figures of the arts scene in the last twenty years: Guillermo Kuitca. and The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, owner of the most spectacular permanent collection of the country, inaugurated yesterday a temporary exhibition by Catalan iconic artist Joan Miró. All this without disregarding the rounds of talks and specialized presentations that permanently take place.

This illustrates an average day of an average week in Buenos Aires, in a season when there are not Fairs or Festivals, with the exception of the Cinema Festival “Asterisco”.

This vibrant context keeps a rhythm which moves according to punctual interests: an exclusive visit to an artist workshop, the access to a private collection which is only available to very few people, the backstage experience of the finest art galleries, a private visit to Colon Theatre hosted by Eduardo, our beloved architect and guide. We make it easy for you to have the best seats for your favourite shows from a ballet show to a jazz music or chamber orchestra.

Everything is possible at different levels all the time. There is much, very much to see. And at Oriunda we have the access, the knowledge and the expertise. Just let us know about your interests and preferences about art and culture and we will design a truly tailor made experience which will surely leave you speechless with awe.