Come and feel the joy of spectacular fishing days in Argentinian Northern Patagonia.

For fly-fishing lovers, Northern Patagonia is heaven on Earth: breathtaking landscapes, the most crystal clear rivers and lakes, and feisty trouts. From November to May, this is wonderland for all fishing fans.

Get hooked with this fascinating world with Alejo and Nicolas, our passionate guides in Bariloche and Villa La Angostura, whether you are a seasoned fisher or a newby and learn everything you need to know.

Why is Patagonia so unique and special for fly fishing enthusiasts?

Crystal clear waters that run clean and deep, the size of the trouts, which are some of the biggest in the world, secluded virgin places, where you can feel like the only human being on earth. Pure nature, which is, above all, the beauty of this sport. There’s no doubt this is paradise.

What’s its catch?

The catch is the place. Fishing is a bonus, just an excuse to enjoy nature at its purest! Whether you catch a trout or not, you will fall in love with the experience. The place is superb on its own, with its unique crystal waters, cascades, fjords that intertwine with the green humid woods in the Andes, and the contrasting river landscape where you can also enjoy fauna and meet deers or guanacos.

What are the best rivers and lakes to fish in?

Limay river, the largest river in the area, which is recognized for having record brown trouts.

As for lakes, the Moreno, and the Nahuel Huapi which also has a record brown trout – 16kg!

In Villa La Angostura, one of the best fishing spots is at the end of Espejo Lake, where River Campana and River Cuerno meet at the foot of Cerro Campana. Another amazing spot is at the mouth of River Correntoso, which runs from Correntoso Lake to Nahuel Huapi Lake and where trouts are abundant.

What is the difference between fishing in a river and in a lake?

Advanced anglers will most likely prefer the river as the river flow makes it more entertaining and challenging, the fly moves, and there are fierce trouts of different sizes. It requires more attention, and a better aim.

Fishing in the lake is a more pleasant experience, ideal for beginners as you reach the fishing spot on a motorboat. Trouts are born in the river and then, when they are bigger they migrate to the lake. The ideal is to experience both, fishing on the lake and in the river.

What kind of trout can be caught in Northern Patagonia?

Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Brook trout. And it less likely but still possible to run into landlocked Atlantic salmon. Those anglers in pursue a trophy go after the Brown trout as it grows to an enormous size. Meanwhile, those looking for a challenge go after the Brook trout as, although it is small, it is fierce and hard to catch. It is a fighter!

Would you recommend this experience to someone who has never fished?

The fly fishing experience goes beyond the fishing itself. Beginners always fall in love with the whole experience. It is a super fun programme, amidst a dreamy landscape.

What is your best fishing program?

Fishing in the river Limay is unbeatable, is a full day of adrenaline, the fishers get fascinated with the place, the landscape, the thrilling floating trip and how passionate and knowledgeable our guides are. Not to mention the delight of having a nice lunch and toast with terrific wines by the river.

Fly fishing on the lake has nothing to envy the river, anglers get dazzled while navigating to amazing places which would be impossible to reach on foot! Plus the bonus of enjoying a relaxed day in this quiet scenic landscape crowned by a delicious picnic by the lake.


Favourite Fishing Lodging in Northern Patagonia:

For the truest and most avid anglers looking for a full immersion fishing adventure we love Tipiliuke. This is a world class property in the heart of the Lake District framed by the Chimehuin and Quilquihue rivers, known worldwide for their magnificent crystal clear waters and exceptional trout fishing in Northern Patagonia.

With only 9 comfortable rooms, this cozy ranch offers the best and most personalized attention and a wide array of activities such as horseback riding, hiking, spa, mountain biking, birding, cooking classes, among others.

The property covers almost 50,000 acres at the foot of the Andes Mountain range.

A highlight is their delicious cuisine.

How to get there?

Tipiliuke is located 21.7 miles/35 km from San Martin de los Andes (Neuquén). Nearest airport: Chapelco (10 minutes by car) – Bariloche 149 miles/240 km (3 hours by car).

Whether you are looking for a full immersion in the fly fishing experience or just trying to get the gist of this thrilling world Argentina offers so many possible options to suit everyone’s taste. You name it!

Oriunda’s Team

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