Get to know these Argentinean prestigious and talented enologists

We were honoured to interview five top enologists who are changing the way in which wine is thought and made. We deeply admire their creativity and passion. We hope these experts’ insights will inspire you and help you feel closer to Mendoza.



MARCELO PELLERITI: Enologist at Monteviejo in Valle de Uco, Mendoza and at Château La Violette and Château Le Gay in Bordeaux, France.

What is unique about Argentina’s wine road in your opinion?

What is unique in our wine roads is its openness and access. In Argentina you can visit all the wineries and it is even possible to meet the winemakers in person or be welcome by the owners. By contrast, in the wineries I work for in France, unless you have a key contact or know the owner, it is difficult to access the most distinctive Châteaux.

Which, in your opinion, is the hit of your winery?

The hit resides in our passion in combining top wines, art, gastronomy and music. Without this commitment none of this would be possible. In our winery we strongly believe this passion allows our wines to have a soul.

Many talented people work together as in a brotherhood, including my wife, who is very committed and in charge of the art in our winery, and the very creative chef Nadia Harón, plus the warm hospitality of our staff in charge of the visits and tours in our winery.

What drives you on these days?

We’ve gone through different stages and challenges: the kick off of the winery, the positioning of our brand and the increment in sales. Afterwards, just by chance, “Winerock” was born; live rock music concerts in our winery at Uco Valley with the magnificent backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Its 8th edition will take place on April 7th, 2018; so that now the winery is also identified with rock music. Nowadays I am grateful that everything is running smoothly. I’m very excited with what’s coming next, new wine creations, and Winerock´s 10th edition two years from now, just coinciding with my 50th birthday. We will be celebrating this special life event, together with the beginning of new cycles.


ALEJANDRO VIGIL: Enologist at Catena Zapata and at Casa Vigil.

What is unique about Argentina’s wine road in your opinion?

Mendoza has many different landscapes in a few kilometres. This gives the option to our visitors not only to visit the wineries but also the mountains and the city. But with no doubt the main difference is the warmth of our people, and our ability to make all travellers feel at home.

Which, in your opinion, is the hit of your winery, Casa Vigil?

It is many facts: wines with great worldwide reviews; being Catena Zapata´s enologist; having Adriana Catena as a partner. Plus, having my home, my family and my winery in the same place, and our hard work strongly dedicated to hospitality and service.

What drives you on these days?

About viniculture, finding new zones and also working in already known areas, but discovering new possibilities from the style of wine to new varietals. About wine tourism, we have a thousand new breakthrough projects, which we hope will help enhance all local entrepreneurships.


MATÍAS RICCITELLI: Winemaker at Riccitelli Wines.

What is unique about Argentina’s wine road in your opinion?

Argentina’s wine road is framed by the Andes, which gives us unique landscapes, memorable sunsets and incredible wines. It is a country that loves its wine and is deeply connected to it. This makes us very proud to show what we make.

Which, in your opinion, is the hit of your winery? HEY MALBEC!

What drives you on these days?

I’m driven by the opportunity to improve the quality of our white wines year after year to show that Argentina has great potential not only in reds, but in whites as well.



JUAN PABLO MICHELINI: Winemaker at Zorzal, at SuperUco and at Altar Uco.

What is unique about Argentina’s wine road in your opinion?

Argentina has a unique culture and vibe. We have a passion for what we do that is reflected in the way we live things compared to the rest of the world. Plus, we are in the age of the wine revolution, a creative revolution, the time of differentiating terroirs and reflecting that in our wines.

Which, in your opinion, is the hit of your winery?

I would say that the hit is the Michelini Family, having fun together, walking and working together, laughing together while we discover new ways to make Malbec. The hit is being happily together.

What drives you on these days?

Ah! so many things! Zorzal, where this year we’ll be planting most of our uncultivated field. Altar Uco, my personal project, where I’m making wines I never thought I could, and everything is thanks to the support of my wife Vani and my friends who are on board: the Kokos, Maia, Ova…

And SuperUco! German Martitegui (chef & owner of Tegui) and all his team will be cooking in our winery for forty amazing days.


SEBASTIAN ZUCCARDI, Enologist at Zuccardi Valle De Uco.

What is unique about Argentina’s wine road in your opinion?

The most interesting I believe, is the diversity of wineries and wine producers (small, medium and large) and the richness of styles they create. Mendoza has an incredible variety of offers, which combine the wine experience with marvellous outdoor mountain adventure (horseback riding, trekking, rafting, even fly fishing) and the beautiful city of Mendoza and its terrific gastronomic offer.

Which, in your opinion, is the hit of your winery, Zuccardi Valle de Uco?

I think our hit is how we feel the strong bond between the place and the winery with its surroundings. This winery was created with utmost respect, taking the vineyard as its heart, having an intrinsic balance with the Andes, cradle of our wines, built with local resources, understanding nature and its cycles. It is a winery that honours Mendoza´s traditions in the art of wine making.

As regards wine, Concreto brings all these values together. It comes from the stoniest soil in the finca, produced in the most caring and traditional way, fermented and stored in concrete.

What drives you on these days?

Being able to keep learning about how to find expression for each region, and how to be more precise in the expression of each soil. The diversity of soil in each plantation provides many types of wine. We have wines that change, grapes that change within a few meters. I’m very excited that my wines express the land and my philosophy, my vision of winemaking.

Alejandro, Marcelo, Sebastián, Matias and Juampi we want to thank you very much for your kind comments, your time and for letting us know a bit more about your work, passion and love for your land, which is our love as well.