Come with us to Northwest Argentina, a one of kind destination for culture, adventure and wine lovers, all year round.

We will share the unmissable hot spots in Salta, Calchaqui Valleys and Humahuaca Ravine. A destination to enjoy if you have 3 days, a week and even more.

The North will enchant you with its colours, flavours and culture and for the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Salta will be the point of arrival and departure during the whole Northwest path. It is the city in the country that keeps most of its gauchos traditions. Here coexist the Christian faith, the indigenous culture and very visible colonial traces. The city will delight you with its museums, folk music peñas, artisans, churches, convents and a very local and tasty cuisine.

Our favourite hot spots in Salta:

The Cathedral, a true jewel by the main square. And the most picturesque church in Salta: San Francisco with its 57 metres high bell tower.

The Archaeological Museum of Alta Montaña (MAAM) which exhibits mummies of three children from the Inca Age, discovered at the top of the Llullaillaco volcano 21976 feet high in 1999.

A visit to the local and picturesque market San Miguel (fresh fruits, vegetable and food).

An unforgettable evening at an authentic peña with guitars, drums, folk dances, delicious empanadas, and great wine in La Casona del Molino.

A best-kept secret of Oriunda: a private meal in an authentic and refined colonial residence with the owners who are the best hosts in the historical heart of Salta.  

Plus, get to know three of the most renowned local contemporary artists:  Ana Benedetti, Angeles Rodriguez, Javier Soria Vázquez. And a private visit to the great María Martorell´s collection of works of art.

For adventure lovers, a walk in the clouds at Quebrada del Toro 1 hour from Salta to feel the unbeatable beauty of this land. An incredible seven hour horseback ride from a nice finca to Abra de Quipildor to enjoy the unbeatable scenery in Valle de Lerma with the best reward: a typical asado by the coast of River Uriburu.

For culture lovers we recommend Rio del Valle Luracatao Store (515 Leguizamon St.) for amazing handmade ponchos, sweaters and traditional items of clothing made with llama and alpaca wool. For Alpaca objects, Jorge Cata makes the best products among mates, portrait frames, traditional crosses, ornaments, boxes and much more.

And of course Salta has excellent dining options to enjoy all the delicious local flavours: locro, tamales, humita en chala, goatling and for those who fancy sweets, they should not leave without trying cayote accompanied with a tasty quesillo. The empanadas are a whole different chapter, and you have to try them all. They are without the shadow of a doubt the juiciest and tastiest of all Argentina. La Criollita and Doña Salta are our favourite.


Favourite lodging:

Legado Mítico, the stylish and lovely boutique hotel in the historical heart of Salta.

House of Jasmines, a high-end property, with the best comfort, spa and delicious cuisine a few minutes from town, at the base of the mountains.

House of Jasmines

Estancia El Bordo de las Lanzas, 45 minutes away from Salta city. It combines the gaucho tradition with exquisite food, comfort, excellent hospitality standards, including horseback riding, the Yacare Reserve;  and cooking classes. It is a fabulous option for family vacation.

Our favourite experience in Calchaqui Valleys:

The hot spots of this marvellous road are the villages of Cafayate and Cachi.

From Salta to Cafayate the road becomes wonderful going through the Quebrada de las Conchas. This is a rocky gorge with a very intense brick-coloured ground that will captivate you. Cafayate will make you fall in love with its wineries and incredible scenery, especially for the torrontés, the only 100% Argentine grape strain. It is worth staying in Cafayate at least 1 night.

Our dearest wineries in Cafayate:

  • Estancia Los Cardones: An unforgettable jewel, dreamlike landscape, top class service (Tolombón, very near town).
  • Domingo Molina: A lovely family winery with excellent wines.  
  • El Porvenir: Excellent wines and very good service. You can taste its wines and enjoy a delicious 
  • Las Nubes: A tiny family winery with an incredible view ideal for a relaxed lunch.

Estancia Los Cardones
El Porvenir de Cafayate

For adventure seekers in Cafayate:

  • A bike tour through the wineries.
  • A blast: a mindblowing trekking at Quebrada de las Conchas. The best reward awaits: typical empanadas paired with the best torrontés wine.

Ph. Estilo DV

Favourite lodging in Cafayate:

Grace Cafayate: a luxury hotel, spa and residential villa within La Estancia de Cafayate, surrounded by stunning landscape.

Patios de Cafayate:  An amazing and elegant colonial house with excellent service and spectacular views of Calchaqui Valleys.

Viñas de Cafayate: A lovely boutique hotel next to San Isidro Mount; another lovely option.  

The road to Cachi seems taken out of a dream. The journey becomes unforgettable when going along the spectacular Quebrada de las Flechas. Before reaching Cachi you will pass by the hamlet of Molinos, a little town to witness the silence of its streets, the mud houses and the lovely little church of San Pedro Nolasco de Molinos.

Very near Molinos is Bodega Colome, a beautiful winery, one of our favourite lodges, and the unique museum with James Turrel´s art surrounded by dreamlike scenery.  For art and wine lovers it’s a true privilege to stay there.

On the way to Cachi you can stop at “Camino de los Artesanos” (Craftsmen’s road) in Seclantas. You can visit Arnaldo Guzmán (Terito), the most traditional for poncho seekers.  

Cachi is a lovely village resting at the foot of the Cachi Hill. Just like in every other little town up north, people are fervent Catholics and all the movement takes place around the main plaza -beautiful with its stone arches – and the church with its three bell towers. It is ideal to give it one day before returning to Salta the following morning after a good rest, with time to enjoy one of the most beautiful roads in the North as you go through Los Cardones National Park, the Cuesta del Obispo, the Enchanted Valley and the Quebrada del Escoipe.

Favourite lodging in Cachi:

La Merced del Alto: a stylish colonial hotel in Cachi with a privileged view to Nevado de Cachi,  a great spa and delicious cuisine.

Finca Santana: A charming guest house with only two rooms, an oasis outside Cachi with the best host: its owner Adriana.

Bodega Colomé

Our favourite experience in Quebrada de Humahuaca:

On leaving Salta and starting the road towards the Quebrada de Humahuaca your ears will feel strange as you gain height and the landscape starts emerging. You will go from the intense green of the yunga to the intense red of the hills. All along Route 9 you can feel the presence of the hills, with their flower covered high cemeteries, the small churches all around, with their colourful shades that go from green to yellow, red and grey. The traveller should be ready to see the landscape transform completely before their eyes within only a few kilometres in a very impressive way.
Each little town keeps in its original church some invaluable treasure from the XVII Century. Around each plaza the locals set up stalls with fairs where they offer very tempting items such as crafts, handmade blankets, hats, carves on wood, tapestries and “aguayos”.
Purmamarca, Tilcara, Uquía, Humahuaca, Yavi, Iruya, Maimará all these small towns in the Quebrada de Humahuaca seem to have come to a pause in time and each one of them has something that makes it special.
What you cannot miss:
-A visit to the unbelievable Salt Flats in Salinas Grandes and Pozo Colorado native community, plus a wonderful picnic surrounded by the salt flats, followed by a tour to Abdon Castro Tolay the largest petroglyphs and cave paintings in our country.
-A surprising visit to Hilanderia Warmi, a wonderful centenary weaving community project. It’s in Palpala, 15 km before arriving in Jujuy city.
-A 5 km trekking in amazing landscapes to get to the Inca Cueva Archaeological Site to appreciate ancient cave paintings; including a gourmet picnic in the Gorge.
-A special private visit to the Archaeological Museum and the Pucará in Tilcara led by a friendly anthropologist.
-A church to highlight is definitely the one in Uquía with the Cuzcan paintings of the Arcabus Angels.
-Art lovers shouldn’t miss the MEC – Museo en los Cerros a fantastic museum of contemporary photography in the middle of the remote Huichara Ravine, a few kilometres away from Tilcara.
-Serranía de Hornocal, the mind-blowing and colourful mountain range just one hour away from Humahuaca. Don’t miss this true work of art made by nature, especially in the afternoon when the sun lights up its beauty.
Salinas Grandes
Serranía de Hornocal
Favourite lodging in Humahuaca Ravine:
El Manantial del Silencio: the most distinguished and colonial-style hotel, first class restaurant in charge of the renowned Sergio Latorre, great spa and an outdoor pool with a stunning mountain view in Purmamarca.
Las Marias: this wonderful hotel has only 12 lovely bedrooms, an excellent location, three blocks from Tilcara’s main square.
Casa Colorada: A secluded retreat high in the mountain at 45′ car drive from Tilcara. Amazing option for trekking lovers.
El Manantial del Silencio