Come with us to Iberá, a fascinating destination for nature and wildlife lovers all year round

Ph. Rincón del Socorro

We will share four access portals and our favourite hotels, together with the best experiences each one has to offers. This is a perfect three day stay, combined with other destinations in Argentina.


This is the best-known access portal to Iberá with a wide range of lodging. We guarantee unforgettable close contact with amazing local fauna. You will get fascinated with thousands of caimans, capybaras, pampas deers, black howler monkeys, rheas, an incredible variety of colourful birds and here you can also get the chance to watch giant anteaters, tapirs, collared peccaries, and in a near future you will enjoy the sight of the mighty jaguar, the wild creature that best represents the spirit of Corrientes.

Favourite lodging:

Private Reserve Rincón del Socorro, a high-class ranch with eleven lovely rooms, incredible cuisine and top service. Without a doubt, this is THE place to stay if you want to watch the best fauna. Don´t miss their nocturnal safaris, horseback riding, trekking and boat rides to get really close to alligators and other species. This is where the thrilling Rewilding Project is being carried out by Conservation Land Trust.

Best way to get there: 

By plane, arrive at the Posadas or Corrientes airports and combine with a private flight or with ground transportation (4 hr car drive on consolidated road).

Ph. Florencia Von Der Fetch

San Alonso, a very exclusive 3 room lodge with elegant simplicity and outstanding cuisine on a private island at the heart of Iberá Wetlands. It can be accessed only by water or air. Thanks to its isolation, this is the place where the Jaguar Experimental Breeding Center is located. The return of the jaguar to Corrientes is part of an ambitious project conducted by The Conservation Land Trust (CLT).

You can enjoy the island and its amazing fauna on foot, on horse, by boat, or with a kayak. This is the place to have a full immersion into the Wildlife Reintroduction Project led by CLT.

Best way to get there:

By plane, arrive at the Posadas or Corrientes airports and combine with a private flight. The access by water (45 minute navigation) starts in San Nicolás, where you arrive by ground transportation (3 hr car drive from Corrientes airport).


San Alonso


The best option to get in contact with nature, fauna and to feel the rich culture of Corrientes province with its vast history.

Concepción del Yaguareté Corá is a tiny picturesque town near Carambola. It  is the best place to stay. Here, you will feel like suspended in time within its overflowing culture: museums, small chapels in colonial residences, a rich Jesuit heritage, different features that reveal the colourful idiosyncrasy of Corrientes and its people, including their Gauchos.  You will enjoy the joyful rhythm of chamamé music and the legacy of the Guaraní language.

Besides the wildlife and culture, you will explore the Mburucuyá National Park with its trekking along the botanical trails, to appreciate the incredible richness of its abundant flora. Also, take the chance to experience an unforgettable swimming horse ride at the Carambola Portal.

Favourite lodging:

La Alondra: A lovely and cozy four bedroom boutique hotel. Its bistro best represents the local delicious gastronomy. This hotel is a must for those who want to experience the Iberá culture.

La Alondra offers a variety of activities including flora and fauna observation, trekking, horseback riding. We guarantee you will have the best possible guide: Leslie Cook, a wonderful host who knows the area like the back of his hand.

Best way to get there:

By plane, arrive at Corrientes or Resistencia airports  and combine with ground transportation (2,30 hr car drive to get to Concepción, all paved road).

La Alondra



The best combination of wildlife and fishing at the South of the Iberá Wetlands. The transparent, clear waters in this part of the Iberá are unique, and vegetation below surface can be perfectly seen.

Favourite lodging:

Iberá Lodge: located 70 km away from the city of Mercedes, it is a lovely hotel which resembles a ranch with only four bedrooms. The warmth of its hosts and the amazing natural surroundings allow guests to experience the Iberá wetlands in an exclusive way. Don´t miss their day or night boat trips along the channels and across the lakes south of the Iberá reserve in an exclusive way.

It is also possible to practice fly fishing from November to April. The main catch is the” Dorado”, also called tiger of the river for the way it leaps and fights fiercely back.

Best way to get there:

By plane, arrive at Corrientes or Resistencia airports  and combine with ground transportation (4 hr car drive to get to Ibera Lodge – 234km of paved road and 50km of gravel road).


We want to share with you another beautiful riverside lodge we love close to this area: Puerto Valle. This 13 room charming hotel stands on the Paraná River bank, at the northeastern corner of the Iberá Natural Reserve. It is a great option for a first approach to wonderful Corrientes wildlife and the chance to get easily to the mighty Iguazu Falls. Puerto Valle offers horseback riding, boat trips in the Paraná River, kayaking and wildlife watching in Laguna Valle where it is possible to come close to caimans, capybaras and marsh deer although the fauna is much less abundant than what you can enjoy at the other portals, specially at Ibera.

Best way to get there:

By plane, arrive at Posadas Airport  and combine with ground transportation (40’ car drive). Puerto Iguazú Airport is at 355 km (4.15 hr car drive). Visitors can take a private car service to go to the San Ignacio Miní Jesuit Mission Ruins, which are half-way between both points.