Come with us to Awasi Iguazu: the high end hotel in the middle of the jungle that is giving a fresh touch of luxury and adventure to this untamed part of the world

We want to share with you the experience of Awasi Iguazú, the latest amazing launch of 14 eco friendly luxury villas 15 minutes from the powerful Iguazú falls, one of the New Seven Nature Wonders.

Awasi is already well known for its other two great properties in Chile: Atacama and Torres del Paine. Awasi stands for luxury eco-sensitive accomodation with high-end service and distinctive experiences for their guests.

Nicolas Di Costanzo, Operations Manager,  tells us about the hard work in these past months and the ambitious concept of Awasi Iguazú to make known to a lucky few guests the hidden treasures in Iguazu beyond its main attraction, the mighty waterfalls. The goal is to enjoy direct contact with the jungle and its wild magic, its vast flora, colourful birds and fauna, to meet local Guarani tribes with their culture, without forgetting the typical flavours of tha unique area through Awasi incredible gourmet cuisine.

Awasi developed their private Yacu-í Reserve neighbour to the Provincial Park Urugua-í which is the star of the tailor-made excursion to explore the particular ecosystem of the rainforest. The interpretation trekking is a must to link all the interconnected elements in the forest, and to truly understand the deep beauty and complexity of this ecosystem,  home to extremely rare and wonderful flora and fauna species.

Another unbeatable is to get to the confluence of Uruga-í Creek and the River Paraná. You can  go along the waters of the Paraná by kayak or boat, to get to the incredible reward of refreshing swim in the waters below the unforgetable Yasí Waterfall, known only by a few.

Awasi is the first and only lodge to have their own guide school where they train their staff during tor months in the destination specifics and security.

The Guaraní community is involved in some experiences. But the main goal is to offer a space for exchange, not for exhibition, through visits to the village, basketry classes, or the “Yaguare” game, a very typical local game similar to chess. The traveller gets the chance to meet with them, spend time with them and share a unique moment.

The gastronomy is a strong point, Awasi has developed a special gourmet menu enhanced with local products and the value of the native. There are a lot of citrus, corns and root vegetables such as ñame, river fish such as Surubí and Pacú, the farofa and of course the famous chipa.

When we asked Nicolas about the main challenge so far, he mentioned it was to build a product from the key concept that Iguazú is nature. There is not much to offer beyond the waterfalls, and the thing is that to exploit the rainforest requires resources, logistics and determination: to develop trails, decks, appropriate training, etc, and that is exactly what they are doing.

What is your favourite part of your role? I love when guests  leave the lodge completely excited and thrilled, it is great when you can share that emotion sincerely. On the other side, there is always the chance to improve and provide the best possible service to our high end travellers.

And with your team? I enjoy when every one of us understands what’s to be done. When each one is enjoying their own roles.

A service Golden rule? That if  someone does not enjoy the experience, nobody enjoys it. Your team has to be the first to love providing service so that the rest can have a good time.

If Iguazu were a…

Scent? The smell of humid soil after rain.

An element? Wood. It is an element that properly manipulated allows you to make almost anything.

A sound? The rainforest.

A feature of the guaraní culture you appreciate? That guaraníes do not name their sons, their sons are named by god.