Come with us, these are our favourite Art Galleries

At Oriunda we love art, we have the access, the knowledge and the expertise. This month we want to share with you our hand picked galleries and their curated work for arteBA 2018.

Let us take you to visit our selected Art Galleries:


Why is Rubbers special?

It is one of the galleries with over 60 years in the Art market when a generation of great icons of Argentina´s art were at their peak. Along these years it has hosted the greatest referents in Argentinian painting such as Xul Solar, Pettorutti, Berni, LeParc, Noé, Benedit, Minujín, Robirosa, Doffo,  among others, and international masters such as Bottero and Andy Warhol.

A visit to Rubbers is unmissable to get in contact with the  captivating Argentinian artist Xul Solar. He is the highlight of this gallery. Xul was a one of a kind artist with a multifaceted personality: astrologist, historian, futurist, lingüíst, among other fascinating disciplines.

Another highlight of this gallery is  Luis Felipe “Yuyo” Noe. He is a Master  whose influence can be felt everywhere. Hundreds of artists of our country admire him and have followed him over the years.

On the other hand, it is wonderful to have three generations of women committed to working in Art at Rubbers. Mariana Povarché is the Director of the Gallery; Elena Povarché her mother, manages the magnificent Xul Solar Museum which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and María, Mariana´s daughter is Rubbers´ Curator.

Don´t miss the experience of visiting the backroom of the gallery to have access to an exquisite collection.

What is Rubbers presenting at arteBA?:

The artists selection for this arteBA edition includes Xul Solar, Luis Felipe Noé, Marcelo Bonevardi, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Ary Brizzi and Omar Rayo.


Why is Rolf special?

It is the best gallery in photography in Buenos Aires, with artists whose work is invariably a reflection of the context. Rolf represents great and expressive artists such as Facundo Zuviría, Adriana Lestido, Santiago Porter, Marcos Lopez among others. “We are the only gallery in the country specialized in photography and its boundaries”, says Florencia Giordana Braun, Rolf´s founder.

What is Rolf presenting at arteBA?

A project related to The National Being and Colonialism, with Cristina Piffer as main artist with an exclusive cabinet. This is linked to the work of Santiago Porter, Marcos López, Facundo de Zuviría and Francisco Medail. In the frame of the VIP program of arteBA, the gallery is offering a ‘Carnaval  Criollo’ by Marcos Lopez.


Why is Vasari special?

It is a great gallery focusing on very sophisticated works of art representing celebrated Argentinian artists from the avant-garde 60’s to these days with an special emphasis in the 80’s generation.

One of the highlights of Vasari is the amazing painter Rómulo Maccio, who deals with multiple vocabularies in his work. Other outstanding artists in this gallery are the exquisit Juan José Cambre and Alfredo Prior, strongly evocative in his artistic language.

Since 2006 they have published autobiographical books of artists such as Alfredo Prior, Juan José Cambre, Sameer Makarius, Anatole Saderman and Josefina Robirosa.

What’s your selection for ArteBA?

“For the next edition, we are taking a selection that brings together artists from the 60’s unti today, reflecting the gallery’s goal of stimulating the development of emerging artis, consolidating the works of those artists with a ‘medium career’ and highlighting our historic artists”, says Mariana Pellegrini, Vasari´s  Director.

“We are taking current and historic works by three main artists of 80’s generation: Marcia Schvartz, Alfredo Prior y Juan José Cambre. Plus Rómulo Maccio, Liliana Maresca, and a new series of drawings on paper from Karina Peisajovich and sculptures of Dolores Furtado. We seek to build bridges between the different generations” added Marina.


Why is Ruth Benzacar special?

It is the best contemporary art gallery with over fifty years in the market. The gallery represents the most acclaimed Argentinian artists in the international scene such as Jorge Macchi, Leandro Erlich, and Guillermo Kuitca. Other outstanding artists are Liliana Porter and Adrián Villarrojas. “We are known for our strong support to  artists from their youth. Jorge Macchi, for example, has been with us for 20 years now, and Liliana Porter for a decade. We see and celebrate how our artists grow and develop along time in their careers.” Says Orly Benzacar, Director of the gallery.

A highlight of this gallery is Roberto Aizenberg, a Master of the fifties who is considered the most important surrealist artist of Argentina. It is amazing when you see an artist exhibited at the permanent collection of Fine Arts Museum and then you can access his work also at a gallery. Another outstanding artist is Miguel Rotschild, all his works are incredible.

Visiting Ruth Benzacar is always a great experience, where you feel very welcome;  the backroom is unmissable and the stories you will hear about the different artists are very interesting.

What is your selection for ArteBA?

We are presenting works by Jorge Macchi, Flavia Da Rin, Chiachio & Giannone, Tomás Maglione, Eduardo Basualdo, Luciana Lamothe, Jazmín López, Carlos Herrera, Max Gomez Canle, Carlos Huffmann and Tomás Saraceno.


Why is Gachi Prieto special?

Gachi Prieto is an excellent gallery born in 2007 which focuses among other things in the academic/formal education of artists and curators . It is a space for independent management and refletion on the dynamics proposed by the Latin American contemporary art.  Their commitment is to make the great Argentinian art known and appreciated abroad. They pay attention to the cultural management and the exchange among galleries and institutions within the continent.

What is your selection for ArteBA?

Our selection for ArteBA includes works by Andrés Waissman, Kirsten Mosel, Nora Aslán, Silvana Lacarra, Verónica Gómez and Viviana Zargón, taking as an artistic concept the evolution of painting between the nineties in the XX Century and our current days. The works of these artists are full of conversations and tricks to create the sensation of playing a game in which they pretend to be someone else.