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Culture & Art Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Argentina is an incredibly rich country regarding Art, but art is not only what you find in its amazing museums. It’s the art you find in the autochthonous cooking traditions, in the music, in the customs, in its landscapes and in the way the locals relate to those landscapes.

The culture of the Northern Argentina has little to do with the rest of the country. The Andean traditions remain strong. The North is deeply religious and these beliefs burst during the fervent local celebrations.
In August, people pay tribute to the earth goddess Pachamama preparing local dishes and then bury the food in a backyard or field, along with abundant hard liquor and coca leaves. They believe that these offerings will satisfy the deity’s appetites and will bring them fortune and a fructiferous harvest.
If you are lucky enough to witness the rituals and the amazing Carnival in the Humahuaca Ravine, then you will be lucky enough to travel back in time.

Buenos Aires has a different heartbeat to other towns, it is a cultural pole that offers an astonishing mix: Museums, theatres, Art galleries, antique shops, literary cafés, book stores, architectural jewels, murals-urban art, cinemas and music events. Oriunda provides a personalized Art agenda`with private access to the local artistic scenario including galleries, private collections and guided tours to museums. As an added value, we can arrange a visit to artists’ ateliers according to your style and interests.

Viewing Art in Buenos Aires is embarking on a journey where one is likely to find curious legacies as a Tudor room in the National Museum of Decorative Arts. For Argentine art, we suggest visiting MNBA, for Latin American art, you can’t miss the MALBA, for Modern & Contemporary art, go to Museo de Arte Moderno and for Spanish American art, Museo Isaac Fernández Blanco. Along side the international exhibitions that many times a year take place at La Usina and Fundación Proa.

The Colón Theatre is the town’s pride. We can set up an exclusive guided tour with an expert host chosen by us. You’ll experience the privilege of accessing the backstage, the theatre’s workshops and the rehearsal rooms for the artists.

As a cultural highlight, you can get close to Evita, the most iconic woman in Argentina’s history. We invite you to in-depth experience with Aldana, a passionate connoisseur in Evita’s life and political career.

If Mendoza is in your itinerary, don’t hesitate to ask for some wine/art pairing. Mendoza is also cradle of various famous Argentine artists.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that if you live in Buenos Aires there is nothing else you are missing. Because in addition to the extreme richness of our architectural worth, you can walk along Avenida de Mayo as if you were walking around Madrid, or stroll along Av. Alvear as if you were in Paris, and walking around San Telmo is finding the very essence of the first immigrants who came and stayed, which is in itself a very special place with an unusual diversity.”

Matilde, Oriunda’s specialist in Art.

“We truly enjoyed our time with Matilde and our visits to galleries. It was a highlight of our visit. She is very special and knows so much about the art scene in BA. We have a standing offer to adopt her.”

Larry, US

"As an artist I’m flattered and honoured to receive visitors from all over the world at my atelier in San Telmo, where we can talk and share my work of Fileteado Porteño. I look forward to welcoming Oriunda’s visitors in this historic neighbourhood imbued with the special magic of the cobbled streets, where tango is danced in the Dorrego square and the artists open the doors of their studies to welcome people who love culture and the good living."

Martiniano Arce, great Argentine artist, the “fileteador” of Buenos Aires.


Golf Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Declared by the golf tourism association as “the best golf destination in Latin America and the Caribbean” Argentina is a must for golf lovers.With over 250 fields to suit every taste and expectation. Here you will be able to combine the passion for this sport with unbelievable natural scenarios. Each destination will surprise you with different greens.

Oriunda provides access to the green fee and private golf championships in the best fields of Buenos Aires, Córdoba (the capital city of golf), Patagonia and Uruguay.

Our superb programmes combine the possibility of playing in the best golf fields of Argentina and Uruguay with excellent gastronomy, high quality wines and top class activities.

“Golf is a passion; it is something that people who don’t play golf can’t understand. A perfect plan? Golf and friends.In Argentina golf is part of our culture. There is a huge quantity of golf clubs and some have over 100 years of history. In our country we can count on: tradition, quality, quantity and diversity.”

Ezequiel Jones, amateur golfer.


Tango Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Tango is present at all times in Buenos Aires. You bump into its dancers while strolling along Florida, San Telmo or Caminito in La Boca. There is no other city where you can enjoy the 2x4, only in Buenos Aires. Tango is a dance of seduction, devotion, passion, sensuality, tuning and above all it is the dance of desire and entwined bodies.

To live the real and authentic tango experience Oriunda takes you to the mythical known-by-few Milongas, the local tango clubs. Paula, our passionate tango host, not only takes you to the right spot on the right day but also will take you back in time inside a movie to sense tango in its flesh. The unbeatable combination is to begin with a one-on-one class where Paula teaches you the moves and the particular codes of this dance to make you feel the excitement of being part of it.

Dough tango shows are created for visitors, Oriunda prides itself by selecting those with high level performances that we ourselves - as locals - enjoy. We get moved and captivated by the live orchestra and world-class artists performance every time.

“After each lesson it invades me a great joy. The feeling of lighting the Tango flame in other’s heart.”

Paula (professional dancer and tango teacher), Oriunda’s Tango host.

“Frankly, we fell in love with this lady. I wanted to take her home to Texas. Sweet. Loving. Passionate about Tango. I'd go back to Argentina just to see this lady and have her give me Tango lessons.”

Travellers from U.S.A about Paula and their milonga experience.

“When I dance, I stop thinking and I just start feeling that magical place where time does not exist, it’s only my dancing partner and I. Heart to heart. Let’s dance… let’s dance… that life is only one!.”

Julia Doynel, Host at the milonga Sueño Porteño, Club Gricel.


Fly Fishing Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Argentina is one of most sought-after countries by fly-fishing lovers. And Patagonia is “the” place for those who are passionate about this sport.

Oriunda invites you to discover a perfect combination: dazzling landscapes, the most soothing silence, top class selected lodges and the fiercest trouts in the world. This is the destination to find the brown, rainbow and fontinalistroutswhich put up great fights

Start the season at the Northern Patagonia the first week of November, the lake district dresses up for party to begin the great hunt for trouts.

Río Grande (Tierra del Fuego) is the Fishing Capital of Argentina, the most desired destination to practise this sport because you will catch not only the most wanted trouts but also the most astonishing ones for their size.

“If you happen to like fly-fishing in Argentina you will become a fan. The spots are as extraordinary as the options. Sea, lakes, lagoons, rivers, streams, dams. Throughout the year, the most diverse geographies offer a real paradise for the fishing lovers in places you shall never erase from your memory. From the rivers in Salta and Corrientes to the Atlantic coast in the pampas region or the uttermost seaside of Patagonia. The Patagonian lakes lean on the extension of the Andean mountain chain to end up at the southernmost city in the world. Argentina is to me, not only our fishing paradise, it is a fishing paradise in itself.”

Cristian Lema, Argentine passionate fishermen


Polo Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Polo - as football - was brought to Argentina by the British by mid XIX century. Though less popular, the level of excellence achieved by Argentineans in this sport is similar to that in football.

Between October and December the most important tournaments take place: The Tortugas Open, the Hurlingham Open and the most prestigious championship in the world: the ABIERTO ARGENTINO DE POLO (Polo Open) that summons the best players. This championship is played every year (in November). If are lucky enough to be in BA during the Cup you cannot miss it! We can get you the best stand.

For those travellers who feel that polo is their passion, Argentina is “the” best place to experience a polo clinic enjoying daily lessons, practices and championships every weekend. In the surroundings of the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Oriunda works with the best polo estancias that gather excellent horses, comfort, hospitality and well-being.

“I consider polo is something more than a sport. It might be because a polo player is not the only one at sake, he becomes one when he is riding his horse and there is such a strong connection. I consider that all the people who feel attracted to horses and wish to be part of the argentine hospitality so typical of the gauchos and farmers, should not miss experiencing polo, discovering that something that seemed so difficult smoothly turns into an infinite pleasant adventure ... as simple as unique.”

Emiliano Blanco, polo player, Host of Estancia Don Manuel.


Wines Through Oriunda’s Eyes

We love wine, we love delicious cuisine, we feel passionate when we listen to winemakers express their knowledge.

If wine is a main drive in your trip all three countries will delight you with their unique personality. Mainly Argentina and Chile, which are consolidated members of the worldwide wine road.

We promise a dedicated selection of singular wineries and different experiences where you’ll be welcome by the winemakers, winery owners in person or resident sommeliers at their cellars or homes. All of them synonyms of excellence, warm hospitality, and top quality wines.

In Argentina, Mendoza, land of malbec and the Andean mountain chain is by far the best destination to experience wine culture, amazing hotels gazing the Andes and top-notch hospitality. Cafayate, in the North, is the land of the Torrontés grape and an entrancing landscape of valleys.

If Santiago de Chile (Chile) is in your itinerary, we can take you to explore the Casablanca Valley and the Pacific Coast to taste the best Sauvignon Blanc. The Colchagua Valley renowned for its “big red wines” such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Chile’s flagship Carmenere. and The Maipo Valley where many of Chile’s benchmark cabs and blends are born.

Carmelo is a tiny town in Uruguay and is famous for its wines, especially for the Tannat, the emblematic local stars the pride of this country.

“Love the tours of all vineyards. I’m a wine lover and have a big cellar – for private standards – with French premiums only. At times, I could feel tears in my eyes from the beauty when I tasted some of Renacer’s wines. Her sommelier was tremendously knowledgeable and I learned a lot from her. Her kindness and quiet passion was a real experience for me. As were the wines. The absolutely highlight of the trip to Mendoza was visiting GimenezRiili family and having lunch with Federico and his father. We had such a beautiful afternoon talking like friends, about wine, art and the art of living. The lunch (food), salmon from the asado was awesome. Afterwards we went for a little stroll and they seemed to it as much as I did, taking lots of photos of us together. Nothing was automatic and all seemed from the heart. Very memorable afternoon and… the most outstanding wine I have tasted in Argentina. It ranks with the great French ones. The rides were amazing, lovely guide & gorgeous gaucho whose whistle and song soothes the world. Memorable trip which I won’t forget easily. Have a lovely day Loli and speak soon.”

Frederique Boumeester van der Vorm, London

“Ever since I was a little girl, on Sunday lunches my grandfather would pour us some wine with sparkling water and when somebody asked him why he did that he replied: because we are mendocinos (from Mendoza) and you have to learn how to drink wine… As years went by I realized that my father taught me to appreciate, to love this place, to know that every wine harvest is possible thanks to the hard work of lots of people. Those people are responsible for the final work of Art, theyare in charge of turning every bottle intothat magical combination of dedication, imposing mountains, and a perfect dose of intense sunlight that make a masterpiece out of every bottle. You are all invited to uncork in my land…”

Florencia Pereyra, pure strain Mendoza local.



Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are destinations that combine extreme nature and sophistication.

We truly enjoy planning unique tailor-made honeymoons: our love for details, our creativity, the overwhelming beauty and diversity of these lands, it all comes together at once. We assure you a heavenly honeymoon.

If your dream is to get married here we can help to make it come true. We count with the best wedding planners that will bring your wishes to life in the most efficient ways.

“Loli, thanks so much for everything! We had a wonderful time in Argentina and so glad we were able to work with you to create a fantastic honeymoon! We really, really enjoy edit and are so glad that we went to your beautiful country!.”

Allison & Richardo Forrer - Chicago, US

“Dear Loli, we just wanted to thank you again for helping us organise such an amazing trip, with wonderful trips, hotels and great food and wine! We had a lot of great experiences and memories that we will cherish for many years. Thank you being so professional, responsive and kind – we highly appreciate it!!! We hope that paths will cross again either in Argentina, London or Israel! All the best.”

Nadav and Michal Amir - London


Adventure Through Oriunda’s Eyes

Live the adventure of discovering unexplored places on a 4x4 journey through the Argentine Puna with our beloved expert driver, Ponpon. It is an area of volcanoes, where the landscapes and the nature will take your breath away and you will be moved to tears.

El Chaltén in Argentina and Torres del Paine in Chile are the trekking meccas and “the” places for nature lovers. Try as many trails as possible, they will lead to unbelievable panoramic points, all of them with a huge reward: overwhelming landscapes. Both destinations offer dreamlike lodges and hotels that welcome the thrill seekers after a busy day of adventure.

Not only is Mendoza famous for rafting, but it is also a perfect destination for other outdoors activities such as horseback riding, trekking or the thrilling rock climbing in the mountains. Every year the Aconcagua National Park receives lots of globetrotters craving for the big thrill of attempting to crown the highest summit in America (6962 m).

We love sharing our hand-picked selection of family owned Estancias in Patagonia with those who are looking for the ultimate horse riding experiences. Meet friendly gauchos who will make you explore the real Patagonia.

If skiing is your passion, then Argentina and Chile boast all kinds of snow centres: Valle Nevado and Portillo in Chile, and in Argentina: Las Leñas (Mendoza), Cerro Catedral (Bariloche) and Cerro Chapelco (San Martín de los Andes). We particularly enjoy Cerro Castor (Ushuaia), as it is the best centre for those who love skiing off the trails. Skiing in the end of the world has some privileges: less people, less queues, extreme nature, lenga forests, the cleanest frozen air and the possibility of practicing heliski. Almost all the centres open by mid-June and remain open until mid-September.

We are proud of our mountain guides and gaucho teams in our destinations. You name your dream adventure - no matter the challenge – and we promise the best odyssey, in the best hands.

Pucón in central Chile's Lake District, is a great hub for adventure souls looking for white water rafting, kayaking, trekking, volcano climbing, horseback riding, snowboarding and skiing. It is also a top family destination. Hacienda Vira Vira is a hidden gem at short drive out of this town lying on Lake Villarrica overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica volcano.

“Loli thanks for this fantastic trip! We are still basking in the glow of our great South American adventure that you so ably helped arrange – I have been telling every one who wants to listen about the faultless logistics that you laid on. We will ever in your debt for that. Paine and the Cochamo trek were absolutely fantastic! Best wishes.”

Malonie Deasy and Demond Carr, London

“Travelling to Santa Cruz Patagonia, “the south of the south” dare I say, is a special trip that will transform you, awakening many feelings in you. It is finding the XXI century places that remain unexplored, being able to feel a pioneer. I shall never forget: The expedition through the Continental Ice Field, which means walking for days on a frozen desert, sorting cracks and fissures and sleeping inside ice caves.”

Matías Goyenechea, lover of the Patagonian expeditions.

“Rafting in Mendoza is an adventure full of adrenaline. The contact with nature, water, clean air and mountains energise you. The stunning surroundings of the Andes Mountain Chain, the enormous amount of chocolate colour water carried by the Mendoza River and the always shining sun are ideal companions to this unique experience.”

Marcela Lledo, member of Argentina’s Rafting Team.


Wildlife through Oriunda’s Eyes

In this land, Nature is the leading lady.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is one of the most special places in Argentina. It offers extreme nature and virgin landscapes. It is the main entrance to the expedition cruises to Antarctica, the last pristine region of the world, the white continent. It is also the starting point of the Australis Cruise that navigates from South to South exploring the wonders of the Patagonian Channels, the Strait of Magellan, the Beagle Channel and the mythical Cape Horn. The trip can start in Ushuaia or in Punta Arenas (Chile).

The wildlife boasts in Península de Valdés where the animal destination outnumbers the human. Here the hosts are whales, penguins, killer whales, sea elephants, and sea lions that every year returns to mate, breast-feed and bring up their offspring.

We love Bahía Bustamante, the hidden gem in the Atlantic coastline, a dreamlike and isolated private property with a stunning variety of wildlife coexisting so close like nowhere else in the world.

Esteros del Iberá - Iberá marshlands, in the province of Corrientes (Argentina), are the second-largest wetlands in the world. It also surprises for its amazing and vast local wildlife of capybaras, marsh deer, caimans, monkeys, and thousand of birds. Although is not easy to access, the adventure it is worthwhile. Rincón del Socorro, is one of our favourite estancias in Argentina and “the” place for birders and wildlife lovers.

Chiloe Island is a great place to see blue whales from January to April and also the other wildlife, Magellanic and Humboldt penguins, black-necked swan, greenbacked firecrown, Patagonian tyrant, ringed kingfisher, silvery grebe and Chilean flamingo.